Whatever you are looking for a mechanical engineer to design tanks for a 6 month project in the Middle East or a permanent aeronautical engineer to be a part of your R&D Department, we can help you.

Our experts are specialised in the following industries:

Energy & Environment industry

The Energy sector is experiencing dizzying demand for engineers these last years. While there is still a demand for Oil & Gas engineers, there is an increasing need for engineers specialised in renewable energies.

Our staff has developed strong partnerships with the leading engineering schools in Europe and Russia for your short term and long term projects.

At Over Resourcing Ltd, we are looking for engineers with an international outlook who are able to work on many different projects in many different places.

We have recently opened a new office in Russia to attract the best candidates where around 600,000 specialists coming from 50 different universities specialised in Energy are working in Russia.

Automotive & Aerospace industry

Despite the uncertainty and the changing environment for the Automotive & Aerospace industry, companies are investing to create new markets, technologies & innovations.

Part of our team is dedicated to find the best candidates who will respond to this new market challenges.


Some of our positions filled:


 Mechanical engineer      Maintenance engineer  Electrical engineer
 Civil engineer   Automotive engineer Aeronautical engineer
 Drilling engineer    Completion engineer   Gas pipeline engineer