Over Resourcing Ltd offers head hunting services to target senior level candidates in different industries.

We have developped the following head hunting process to deliver the best results:


Step 1 – Identification of the client’s need

We identify with our client the main skills sought . We offer our expertise and only accept the candidate search if we think we can make the difference.


Step 2 -  Understanding of the corporate culture

As the main candidates available are often working for one of the competitors of our client, we need to find the best arguments to encourage them to work for our client. This is why we take time to understand the corporate culture of our client.


Step 3 -  Analysis of the competitive market

We do a first analysis to understand how the market works and who are the main competitors of our client in order to select the best head hunting tools.


Step 4 – Selection of our local partners

Over Resourcing Ltd works with different partners worldwide. These partners are managers, recruiters or members of professional associations working in the industry of our clients who are able to recommend the best candidates.


Step 5 -  Candidate assessment

Once all the candidates have been interviewing, our technical team and quality team check all the applications with the approval of our psychologist.


Step 6 – Introduction of candidates

A report is sent to each client in order to explain how we have conducted our head hunting and what types of candidates were available on the market. This report introduces all the candidates who passed our assessment.